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law gar 2Scottsdale Farms has you covered, whether you’re patching your lawn, planting a container, fertilizing a flower bed or fighting off pests and disease, we carry a large variety of products to help you keep your lawn & garden in tip top shape.

One of the most important components of proper planting is using good soil and amendments. We carry brands such as Fafard, Happy Frog, Fertilome, Mr. Natural and Nature’s Helper that aid in establishing deep roots and growing healthy plants.

We also carry Organic and Natural as well as fast and slow release fertilizers for almost every garden situation or plant requirement with product lines you trust: Espoma, Fertilome and our own custom blend that we use on every plant we grow in our nursery.

Having trouble with pests or disease, we have organic, natural and conventional solutions for almost every situation: Earth-tone, Fertilome, Bayer Natria, Bayer Advanced and Garden Tech.

We also carry gloves, pruners, tree-stakes, tree gators and other useful garden products.

QUESTIONS? Visit with our garden experts for tips on healthy plants, planters, garden tools, watering equipment, information about pest control and more!