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Plant Selection  |  What Makes Scottsdale Farms’ Plants Different?


Our selection and quality of plants is one of the finest in the region. We strive to help customers create the perfect outdoor environment. Our quality plants are functional and beautiful. We grow many of our own plants at our nearby farm.

  • Annuals and Perennials. We always provide customers with a large selection of annuals and perennials for the yard, the flower garden and the container garden and we sell varieties for sun and shade.
  • Roses. Are you a rose enthusiast? At Scottsdale Farms we carry a variety of roses, from the hybrid teas to old-fashioned varieties, knockout varieties, and the Oso Easy Series.
  • Trees and Shrubs. We have a large selection of trees and shrubs for every possible landscaping situation. We have trees for sun, for shade; deciduous trees, flowering trees and the best selection of conifers in the area. Our selection of shrubs is equally diverse so that customers can find a plant for any situation.
  • Tropicals and Houseplants. You can find a number of tropical plants and houseplants that can be grown indoors or placed outdoors during the warm, humid months in Georgia.
  • Edibles. Scottsdale Farms carries edibles in every category, from fruit trees to blueberry bushes, as well as annual vegetable starts for the home vegetable garden.

Below are a few photos taken at the Garden Center.

Plant Selection

Plant Selection 1Scottsdale Farms staff includes a number of Georgia Certified Plant Professionals whose goal is to educate and assist our customers with the selection of trees, shrubs and plants that match the customer’s tastes – and which also will thrive in the target planting area. Our helpful team is at your service whenever the garden center is open – so whether you are a seasoned pro with a green thumb, or a first time gardener, you can be assured of receiving cheerful assistance and sound advice when investing in your garden or landscaping project at Scottsdale Farms. When planning your project, we suggest you come to the garden center with some sketches or pictures of the area you want to improve, noting the measurements and approximate number hours of sunlight the areas receive. Our professionals will assist you in selecting proper plants based on size, rate of growth, water requirements, sun / shade needs, etc.

Not quite ready to get started? Then consider a trip with notepad in hand, to browse through the huge selection at the garden center. Take pictures and make notes of the varieties and sizes of plants that appeal to you, including the sun / shade information and growth habits clearly marked on all of the plants. With this information, you can return home better equipped to sketch out some rough ideas, and then return to the garden center to seek advice and finalize your decisions. Of course, if you would like more “hands on” assistance, our Landscape Design team is also standing by to assist with preparation of plans which translate your ideas into a tangible sketch, landscape design plan, or even 3D color model. Whether you are shopping for flowers to add seasonal color to your yard or garden, trees to add interesting features to your landscape, or fertilizer and weed control products, our staff of professionals is here to serve you. Come and experience first hand, the knowledgeable and friendly staff of Scottsdale Farms.

Outdoor Containers and Custom Orders

Whether it’s spring or fall, sun or shade, Scottsdale Farms carries a large assortment of annuals, perennials, tropical’s and houseplants for you to choose from. Use your own inspiration to create the garden or container of your dreams. Feeling overwhelmed, work with one of our plant professionals, they’ll guide you.

Are you too busy to plant your containers yourself? We have a large selection of ready to go hanging baskets, and beautiful containers waiting to go home with you.

Are you looking for something specific? Work with one of our designers, buy or bring in your own pot, we’ll happily create a beautiful living arrangement for you!

Our outdoor floral department gets truly inspired during the Fall Harvest and Christmas. You never know what you might find, from pumpkin planters in early fall to fresh greenery during the Christmas season.

What Makes Scottsdale Farms’ Plants Different?

Farm Grown Plants

Many of the plants and trees available at the garden center are locally grown by Scottsdale Farms at our growing facility located near Big Canoe in north Georgia. As a result, these plants are acclimated to north Georgia weather and are freshly delivered to the garden center in Alpharetta, Georgia. Also, we grow a large variety of interesting and unusual plants that have been proven performers in our area.

To supplement the plants grown locally by Scottsdale Farms, we offer a wide selection of plants and trees from some of the most respected growers across the country.

Whatever you purchase from Scottsdale Farms, you can be assured of the suitability of the plant to thrive in the north Georgia climate, as well as professional advice to assure successful do it yourself installation.

Below is a short video of our plant farm located in north Georgia.