Not Everyone Has a Green Thumb

We get it. Maybe you love plants, have a great eye for design, but are at a loss about choosing the right plant. Luckily, our amazing horticulture experts at Scottsdale Farms Garden Center and Nursery are here to help. See us when you have questions like:

  • Scottsdale Farms Nursery Plant AdviceWhat plants are best in low light?
  • Can shade plants thrive in my garden?
  • Can I have a great yard and save money on water?
  • What are the best plant mixes for container gardens?
  • What plants are right for inside my home?
  • What color combinations will have the most impact?
  • Should I choose annuals or perennials for my seasonal bed?
  • Are there certain plants that work best in the North Georgia climate?
  • What plant is this? Take a cutting and bring it in.
  • My plant is sick. What’s wrong with it? Take a picture of a cutting, place the cutting in a Ziploc bag and bring it in.
  • Something is eating my plant, what do I do?

No matter what your question is, we’ve got answers that will solve your problems and create the indoor or outdoor space of your dreams. See us today and get inspired!

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