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When Can I Plant in North Georgia?

Try Tax Day and May Day!

Spring fever has arrived in Georgia, and we are ready to see color in our yards and vegetables in our gardens.  Hold on, don’t start planting quite yet!  There is a time to plant to ensure you have happy blooming plants and flowers.  We asked  Dianna Allstadt, gardening expert with Scottsdale Farms, just that question, “When can I plant in North Georgia?” According to Dianna, April 15th – Tax Day is normally a safe time to plant annuals.  Be sure to check the two week extended forecast for nighttime temperatures first.  New young plants will suffer in temperatures below 45 degrees.  We know our Georgia climate can be unpredictable.

If you have plants in the ground and temperatures drop at night, there is a solution.  Freeze cloths can be placed on the ground to cover flowers.  Be sure to secure cloth with heavy rocks on the ground, simply covering the blooms in not enough protection.  Be sure to use a freeze cloth when it is still warm outside so the heat can be captured before the cold weather arrives.  Freeze cloths are inexpensive, reusable and last for years.  It is a valuable item to have on hand with Georgia weather and so easy to use.

veggies blog pic 3-28-2016

Dianna recommends planting warm season vegetables on May Day, May 1st, for fast-growing, happy plants.  Cold soil does not promote a healthy vegetable.  If you want to purchase your vegetables prior to May Day, feel free.  Pot them in a large container (gallon is good) for room to grow.  Containers can sit outside in warm weather but be sure to move them in if temperatures drop below 45 degrees.  Before long you will have a good size vegetable plant ready for May 1st safe planting.

When you plant, don’t forget to use a fertilizer with a blooming formula that has a high middle number.  Many organic fertilizers are sold for planting vegetables, and they promote healthy plants.  Just remember Tax Day and May Day are the safe times to plant!

More About Dianna
Dianna Allstadt has worked at Scottsdale Farms for 16 years.  She is a Georgia Certified Horticultural professional. She knows her annual flowers and vegetables!  Feel free to get advice from her or any member of the Scottsdale Farms team 7 days a week.  Scottsdale Farms is located at 15639 Birmingham Highway, Alpharetta, GA 30004.  The phone number is 770-777-5875.