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Gardening and Pests

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

  With pruning, most folks just scratch their heads and let their landscaper do it. Unfortunately, a lot of times your trees or shrubs get butchered or don’t bloom properly because they don’t know the how or when. With a little research and good advice, you can learn how to prune yourself and get some excellent results. Timing for pruning can…

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Successful Container Gardening

Gardening in containers can add a wonderful dimension to your home and landscape.  Since there are so many different styles and sizes of containers, and so many different plants to choose from, the possible combinations are endless. To ensure your success with container gardening, make sure you select plants suited to the site. An area that receives direct sun at…

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When Can I Plant in North Georgia?

Try Tax Day and May Day! Spring fever has arrived in Georgia, and we are ready to see color in our yards and vegetables in our gardens.  Hold on, don’t start planting quite yet!  There is a time to plant to ensure you have happy blooming plants and flowers.  We asked  Dianna Allstadt, gardening expert with Scottsdale Farms, just that…

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Container Vegetable Gardening

You don’t need to live on a farm to enjoy growing vegetables at home.  Many vegetables do extremely well if not better when planted in large containers versus those that are planted in the ground.  Vegetable container gardening is a great way to introduce children to where food comes from.  Our last frost date is typically April 20th and since…

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