SF container gardens pic 2Gardening in containers can add a wonderful dimension to your home and landscape.  Since there are so many different styles and sizes of containers, and so many different plants to choose from, the possible combinations are endless.

To ensure your success with container gardening, make sure you select plants suited to the site. An area that receives direct sun at least 4-5 hours each day is considered full sun.  Areas that get less than 4-5 hours direct sun, or are sheltered from the heat of the afternoon sun, are considered shady.

When gardening in containers, you can space the plants more closely than you would in the ground.

To ensure success in decorative container gardening, use a potting mix with an absorbent polymer granule. We recommend Jolly Gardener Moisture Mate. The polymer granules absorb water and expand when moisture is available, then contract and give the moisture slowly back to the plants as it is needed. The expansion and contraction also helps to keep the soil loose.  Also add a slow release fertilizer, such as Osmocote. Cover the drain hole(s) on the inside with a small square of drywall tape to allow the excess water to drain, but keep the potting mix in the container.

Thoroughly water the plants when the top half inch feels dry.

Gail Cody, along with her Scottsdale Farms colleagues Melissa, Leslie, Candy, Heather, and Lynn, can assist you in creating a living planter for your home or landscape.  You can find them on the front porch, or in our North or South Greenhouses.

Below are some plant ideas for your container.