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Pruning Woody Plants

The holidays are over, temperatures have dropped, and we are officially in the winter season.  While it would be nice to stay inside and read a book by the fire, there is a lot of work to be done outside in our gardens and yards.  Put on your parka, scarf, hat and gloves and enjoy the brisk air and get a head start on your chores so you’ll be ready for spring.


Now is a great time to begin pruning woody plants in your landscape. Trees and shrubs have hunkered down for the winter, and you can safely remove or limb up many species this month.


There are some basics to good pruning practices, the first of which is always begin with sharp tools.  The University of Georgia has a wonderful publication on the basics of pruning Woody plants and it can be found here:

Pruning Woody Plants

The AJC published Walter Reeves pruning calendar which is a valuable resource and can be found here:


Good Luck and Happy Pruning!