Each of our seminars is free to attend and reservations are not needed. 

Saturday, March 27th at 10 AM

Gardening with Seeds

During this seminar, one of our plant professionals will share her fool-proof seed-starting methods, her secrets for success, and answers all your seed-starting questions including:

— Which seeds to plant for summer and which to plant for other seasons

— How to start different kinds of seeds

— How to read seed packets

— The best seed-starting tools

— How to avoid common mistakes


Saturday, March 27th at 11 AM

Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden

Join us as you learn about beautiful flowers and simple planting strategies that can attract hordes of pollinators to your garden. 


Saturday, March 27th at 12 PM

March in the Garden

Spring is quickly approaching. Are you ready? Jeanne will share what you should be doing in your garden to get it ready for the season. From cleaning winter debris away from your shrubs, trimming back your grasses, to getting your containers ready for April planting, Jeanne will help you and your garden get ready for Spring. 


Saturday, April 10th at 10 AM

Gardening in Tight Spaces

Reclaimed wood has become a hot topic among the arts and crafts crowd, the home renovation and decoration junkies, and even the gardening scene. There’s the glamorous idea of finding shiplap in your home and repurposing it, but a more common theme now is to find ways to use old pallets, which are in much greater supply. Let us help you get creative with reclaimed wood, and find interesting ways to garden in small spaces. Discover new ways to design your garden and yard using pallets. When done well, this is an excellent inexpensive (or free) way to create beauty. 


Saturday, April 24th at 10 AM

Wildflower Gardening

Have you secretly considered turning your high maintenance mixed border into a wildflower garden? Even a wild look requires some planning and effort. The good news is that most of the effort is in getting it started. Our certified plant professional, Jeanne, is here to guide you with some tips and must-haves to planting your very own wildflower garden. 


Saturday, May 1st at 10 AM

Bringing the Inside Out

Join us for this whimsical seminar where we dive into bringing the indoors outside! We’ll be discussing how to bring indoor plants outside to create beautiful outdoor spaces. If you have an outdoor living space you want to spruce up for summer, you won’t want to miss this!


Saturday, May 15th at 10 AM

Small Gardens

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to create a large impact with small things. Our certified plant professional, Jeanne, will show you how to group small containers in a dramatic manner. This is one you won’t want to miss!