It looks as though the Farmers Almanac got the winter forecast right this year; it called for a cold, snowy season across the country.  We may not have had any snow, but we’re experiencing temperatures we haven’t seen in a decade.  This hard freeze looks to be over within the next few days and temperatures in the 50’s to 60’s are supposed to return this weekend.

With warm temperatures on the way, it will be the perfect time to assess any damage your landscape plantings may have suffered.  Some damage may take days to weeks to show up, other signs will be immediate and clearly visible.

To combat any future hard freezes we may experience this winter; always remember to mulch your landscape plants and make sure they are well watered before cold temperatures arrive.   Protecting container plantings is a bit more difficult; if possible group them or move them into a sheltered area or the garage.  Once the frigid temperatures have passed, move them outside and when the soil warms again water the containers so that the plants will rehydrate, prune out any wilted or dead leaves.

The University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension service has useful tips and can be found here:

Winter Protection of Ornamental Plants