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Time spent among trees is never wasted. 

Shade Trees

Looking to provide some shade for your home or outdoor living space? You may be looking for a shade tree that will provide year-round beauty to your landscape. We have an excellent selection of shade trees, so come find the perfect tree and add value to your home or business. 

Ornamental Trees

If you are looking for a small tree to accent your landscape, plant an ornamental tree. These trees can offer many seasons of interest from Spring through Winter. Whether it is a pop of color from Spring blooms or fruit in the winter, these trees can offer you beauty for years to come. 

Evergreen Trees

In addition to the plants provided in our garden center nursery, our farm produces some of its own evergreen trees. Some of our present selection includes a multitude of the evergreen, Arborvitae, but you’ll also be sure to find a wide variety of evergreens brought in from top quality growers from all over the country!

Fruit Trees

Ever want to grow your own fruit? Well now you can! Scottsdale offers a wide selection of fruit trees including apples, peaches, plums, pears, and cherries. 


Using shrubs in your landscape is a great way to add color, texture, and interest. At Scottsdale Farms, we have the perfect shrub to thrive in your landscape, whether you have fun sun or shade. Come see our beautiful selection and speak with a nursery expert today! 

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