July in the Garden

It’s July, and the Heat is On!


Be sure to give your plants supplemental water if we don’t get adequate rainfall. Watering deeply less often to prevent drought stress is better than watering shallowly more frequently. Refresh mulch in thin areas. Mulch helps soil retain moisture, which your plants will appreciate.

Your containers will likely continue to need monthly Espoma Flower tone feedings for annual flowering. Other Espoma fertilizers may benefit vegetables and flowering perennials or shrubs. Ask our associates which products are best formulated for your plants.

Check the moisture level of your contained plants often, especially during hot Summer months when they may need more frequent watering. A moisture meter removes the guesswork from your watering schedule, so consider taking one home.

Trim leggy annuals. Removing fading blooms helps annuals put their energy into producing new flowers.

Products such as Espoma Flower Tone will help your annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs continue to produce blooms.

Using Espoma Garden Tone and harvesting your crops regularly will help promote continuous flowering and increase production in your vegetable garden.

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When the blooms of your flowering shrubs have faded, it’s time to prune them.

Pruning is especially important for plants like hydrangeas, where removing the branches that support the faded flowers can be beneficial. However, knowing what type of hydrangea you have is crucial, as many pink and blue hydrangeas bloom on old wood.

Prune them after the flowers have faded; the new growth will support next year’s blooms. If you’re unsure how to care for your hydrangeas, don’t hesitate to ask one of our associates for guidance.


You may continue directly sowing annual seeds, like marigolds, cleome, zinnia, cosmos and sunflowers. Planting now helps extend the bloom season into the Fall months. Be sure to cut your flowers often to encourage flower production.

Harvest herbs often to encourage bushy growth. Drying herbs now allows you to enjoy them during the Winter months.
Plant pumpkin seeds for a Fall harvest. Be sure to check the seed packet to determine the number of days to maturity.

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Insects gravitate toward stressed plants. Trim as needed to allow for air circulation and water deeply to prevent drought stress. If insects are out of control, consider using insecticidal soap. Our county extension offices are great resources for identifying pests and diseases, which is the first step toward treatment.

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Mark your calendars for Monday, July 15, when our Scottsdale Farms Garden Club will meet for an informative and fun-filled meeting! Please register online in advance to ensure we have enough seating.

This month, we’ll dive into the timely topic of plant stress management. Our expert guest speaker will share valuable tips and introduce you to helpful products to keep your garden thriving. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow garden enthusiasts, swap stories of success and failure, and make new friends who share your passion for gardening.

As always, our meetings promise to be entertaining and engaging, with some delightful surprises in store. We can’t wait to see you there!


Scottsdale Farms hosts Daisy Dollars Redemption from July 1-15. Your Daisy Dollars are good towards up to 50% of your total purchase of select items. Shop our Gift Barn and Nursery and discover amazing deals on home and garden essentials.

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