May in the Garden

May days are here!

By May 1, we are safe to plant those heat-loving annuals that bring us so much joy!  Soil and air temperatures are warm enough for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and okra.  Be sure to mulch your vegetables to ensure the soil doesn’t splash onto your leaves – this will help prevent disease.  Feel free to sow seeds of zinnias and cosmos if you’d like flowers to cut from Summer into Fall.

May is a great time to plant in the garden. Most herbaceous plants have leafed out and are putting on their Spring show. Now is a great time to see what you’d like to add to your landscape. Consider long-blooming varieties or plants with Fall and/or Winter interest. Do a sun study of your beds. As plants mature, they can cast shade upon plants that prefer more sun.

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Fall is the best time to move shrubs, but some smaller perennials may be transferred to sunnier locations if necessary.  Just be sure to water them and watch them as they acclimate to their new home.

May is a great time to change up your containers.  The pansies may look great, but they will fade very soon in the heat of our summers.  Come in and get inspired by our many containers that have already been planted.  Or ask our staff to help you create something unique for your space.  Mulch your containers to help keep soil temperatures cool and retain moisture.  When watering contained plants, ensure the whole container is evenly moist – water draining out of the bottom drainage hole is a good indication.  Watch your containers closely – they will require more frequent water as the roots develop and spread.  A moisture meter may be a helpful tool if you struggle with knowing when or how much to water. 

Weeding is a necessity as our temperatures warm up and weed seeds germinate. Keep an eye on your beds for unwanted weeds. Pulling is easiest after a rain shower. Pre-emergent products can be helpful, but timing is important. Be sure to read labels carefully if you choose a pre-emergent product.

Next Scottsdale Farms Garden Club Meeting  is May 13th! 

Our first Scottsdale Farms Garden Club took place in April.  We discussed several topics to cover as we move through the year. Please join us this month on May 13 at 10:00am. Our topic will be edibles and grouping of plants to assist with your success. We will highlight the plants that do well in our area and how you can have an edible garden in the ground or in containers. Feel free to bring your gardening questions. Gardeners in garden clubs have greater success because we all share our achievements as well as stories of struggle. Please register for this event online. There is no charge for belonging to our garden club, but we must ensure adequate seating for all who want to attend. 

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Gardens are meant to be enjoyed. Be sure to allow space for you to see your gardens from inside. Consider placing seating areas so you may rest for a spell among your much-loved plants.

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As always, we encourage you to check our website, Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on workshops and seminars that are intended to help you succeed in your garden. Pop by with your photos and questions. Join our garden club and share your success stories and challenges.

We look forward to assisting you in cultivating the garden of your dreams!

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