January in the Garden

Happy New Year from the Scottsdale Farms team!

January is a great month for reflection and resolutions.

This is one of my favorite months to leisurely stroll through my gardens on a warm day. I prune out dead branches and evaluate the flow of my plants. I typically resolve to add plants that attract birds and are drought-tolerant. Native plants are always a good choice.


Landscapes should bring joy in all seasons, and winter can be the best time to evaluate and appreciate the garden. Now is the time to take inventory and determine where additional evergreens should be added. Foraging for greens in your garden is an economical way to create your own greenery arrangements.

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Transforming your landscape into an oasis can be achieved by creating a dynamic display of colors and textures. Incorporate elements that evoke wonder, tranquility, and a connection to nature. Choose a variety of plants that bloom throughout the year. Camellias and Daphne do well in our zone and reward us with beautiful blooms when other plants are sleeping. The scent of Daphne in winter is simply delightful.




Hollies provide screening and beautiful berries for the birds to feast upon. Large-scale trees and structures serve as striking focal points.

Accent lighting allows for nighttime use of the garden. Pathways and walkways invite us to experience the garden from a unique perspective. Add benches, swings, and hammocks to encourage relaxation and reflection. Now is the perfect time to imagine and plan. Consider using one of our talented landscape designers to evaluate your yard and develop a plan that suits your unique style.

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Our January Daisy Dollars sale begins on January 2 and ends on January 15. They are good toward up to 50% of the total purchase of select items. Gather your Daisy Dollars and come create your own sale. Please read the back of the dollars to see restrictions and details.

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Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2024!

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