February in the Garden

February in Georgia can come in like a “Lion” and go out like a Lamb.

Spring is on the horizon, but we still have many more cold days and nights ahead. Continue to protect tender plants with row covers and frost blankets during cold snaps.

Traditional garden chores include those from January: cleaning up debris to help prevent pests and diseases from overwintering.

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Prune dead branches to promote healthy growth and air circulation. Test and amend soil – this may be done through the UGA Cooperative Extension Agency and is a great way to keep the guesswork out of fertilization. Mulch to suppress weeds and maintain soil temperature and moisture.

You may begin to start seeds indoors. Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants need about 6-8 weeks to reach transplant size, respectively. You may direct-sow cool-season vegetables beginning in late February. Check the UGA Garden Calendar for dates and details for specific plants.

February is an excellent month to read gardening magazines and books. Get prepared for Spring planting with a plan for your garden. Peruse seed catalogs and order the seeds you’d like to try. Clean, repair, and sharpen garden tools so you will be ready when the weather calls us outside.

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Keep a close eye on our website and social media pages for information on upcoming Spring events. We will post the dates for our annual Customer Appreciation Day and the launch of our very own Garden Club. Our goal in our garden center is to help our customers be successful with their plants.

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We will host many Spring workshops and seminars to help you, our valued customer!

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