March in the Garden

March is a busy month in the garden. Signs of Spring are all around us.

Daffodils have begun blooming, and tulips are beginning to bloom. Forsythia and Quince are starting to present their early Spring show – consider bringing some branches inside to force the blooms for a beautiful indoor display.

Our temperatures are rising, and the days are getting longer, drawing us out of our Winter resting season and into our gardens. March is such a hopeful month! Please remember that our average last day of frost is April 15th, so don’t get ahead of Mother Nature.

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Now is a great time to test your soil through your county extension agency, amend as needed, and clean up Winter debris.  Cut back ornamental grasses and prune dead branches on trees and shrubs. Assess your mulch and add fresh mulch where needed – a 2-3 inch layer is beneficial to prevent weeds and maintain soil temperature and moisture.


You may continue to start warm-season seedlings indoors, like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Cool-season crops may be planted directly into the soil, like lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, beets, parsley and cilantro.


We are fortunate to be able to plant year-round in our zone. Planting in March can be particularly rewarding. The temperatures are cooler, the bugs are fewer, and the rewards arrive sooner.

It’s never too early to get a jump on weed prevention.

Hand-pulling this time of year is relatively easy. The weeds are smaller, and the soil gives up the roots easier than during the hot Summer months. Pre-emergent herbicides may be applied through mid-March. Make weed control a priority for beautiful landscapes. Don’t let weeds rob your plants of water and nutrients.



Whether adding to existing beds or creating new ones, consider how you would like to enjoy your gardens. Do you want to attract birds and butterflies, produce food for your family, create a space for quiet reflection and tranquility, or have a riot of color to brighten your day?  Add plants that suit your personal sense of style for years of enjoyment.


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March is a great month to visit Scottsdale Farms. Customer Appreciation Day is on March 16th, a special day to celebrate our valued customers with activities, seminars and prizes. We host many workshops and information sessions during the Spring months, so check our website, Facebook, and Instagram pages often and mark your calendar with the programs you’d like to attend.

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Make sure to stop by the Garden Center and ask our staff about our new products, as well as our traditional plants. Scottsdale Farms is dedicated to helping you be successful in your garden. We have received many new shipments of plants and continue to receive new products throughout the season. There’s always something new arriving, and we add workshops and seminars monthly.

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